4BM 9.8 Generator Set
Enclosed Series

4BM 9.8 Generator Set

Product Features:

1.     Boasts high reliability, the core of the genset is powered by a strong methanol engine (4BM9.8) and high performance Stamford generator, ensuring the genset operates reliably and provides effective power generation;

2.     Equipped with quiet speakers, the amount of noise level not exceeding 65db within 3m according to ISO 3744;

3.     Sleek appearance and compact;

4.     High-power, low fuel consumption;

5.     Exhaust gas status able to comply with Euro IIIA / IIIB / IV, EPA Tier III (commercial, recreational), RCD 94/25/EC, 97/68/EC according to ISO 8178;

6.     Provides ease of operation, the genset is equipped with a Smart operating system thus delivering ease, safety and reliability to operators. Smart operating system comes with a monitoring system and shutdown protection. Should the unit fail, the system will promptly send alarm signals and display fault information. When serious failure occures, the system will automatically shut down To protect the genset

7.     Provides ease of maintenance, the genset can be easily accessed for operation and maintenance through a hatch door on both sides of the sound insulation box.


4BM 9.8M 


In-Line, 4-Cylinder, Air-Cooled, Electrical controlled injection


Turbocharged, Inter-cooling

Number of Cylinders


Bore x Stroke (mm)

98 x 105

Displacement (L)


Continuous Max Power @ Speed (kw@RPM)

15 @ 1500

Combustion System

Spark Ignition

Emission Level


Fuel Type

M100 Methanol & 0.05% Additive

Fuel Consumption Rate (g/kW.H)


Dimension (mm)

2150 x 885 x 1100 (L*W*H)

Weight (Kg)