6BM 11 Generator Set
6BM 11 Series

6BM 11 Generator Set

6BM 11 is the latest development with a dual fuel option of LNG/CNG and methanol, catered for applications on land and marine uses.
Dimension :
Product Features :
Model 6BM 11M Series 6BM 11C Series 6BM 11L Series
Type 4 stroke, In-line, Water cooling,
Aspiration Turbocharged & Inter-cooling
Number of cylinders 6
Bore × Stroke (mm) 110×125
Displacement (L) 7.127
Compression ratio 11
Max Continuous Power/Speed (kW/RPM) 100/1500 100/1500 100/1500
Combustion system Spark ignition
Emission level Euro Stage IIIA/IIIB/IV, IMO Tier III
Fuel consumption rate (g/kWh) 205
Dimension (mm) 1250 x 925 x 745 (L x H x W)
Fuel M100 Methanol + 5% Additive CNG LNG
  • Dual Diesel/LNG and Dual Diesel/Methanol with power rating up to 300kW.
  • We estimate that this engine series will be launched by 1H2018.
Product Benefits :
  • Affordable capex: Upfront investments at least 10% lower than most similar engine.
  • Favorable opex: Viz diesel, LNG costs per energy content unit is at least 62% lower.
  • Dual fuel option: Flexibility to fuel switch depending on economic and regulatory factors.
  • Regulation compliant: Environmental benefits lower emissions by 50%-99% (SOx, NOx, PM 2.5, CO2).