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Our Group

Our Group was established in Singapore in 1968 by the elderly Mr. Chen. The intention was for the Group to operate as agents for Multinational corporates in the chemicals/dyestuffs space. The company did very well for itself and soon built a solid brand name. On the back of a such a successful track record,  the Group expanded into China under the Billion Miles brand name in 1987. This move was timely given it coincided with the liberalization of the Chinese economy. Today, Billion Miles has expanded from the chemicals/dyestuffs space into Maritime Solutions. We are exclusive international agents for our sister company - Champion Shipbuilding Co. Ltd ("ChampShip") - as well as various reputable marine spare parts suppliers based in China. In addition, we are also among the pioneers in efforts to commericialize  Low Flash Point Fuel for Maritime Use and the provision of the corresponding Engine Retrofitting services and LFL fuel bunker.
Champship runs an established and modern shipyard located in Hunan Province, along the Shine River which is a major tributary of the Yangtze River (also known as the Mother River in China). Champship is located right opposite to Xiang Steel, which is the top 5 largest steel producers in China and enables us to purchase extremely large steel plates facilitating barge building. Since it was founded in January 2004, Champship has continuously expanded in order to keep up with the growing order-book. To-date, we have a strong track record of over 40 vessels including 10,000T steel accommodation barges, 5,000T dry bulk carrier, 20,000T chemical tanker etc The major clients so far have been Forbes Global 500 companies including Sinopec as well as logistics companies COSCO, Sinotrans, Fosun etc 
Along Shine River, enter into Yangtze River to Shanghai
Coordinates: East longitude 113 degree, north latitude 28 degree
Certification ISO 9001:2008
IS0 14001:2004
OHSAS 18001
Yard size Production facilities situated on over 130,541 sq m of land, 30,000 cubic m of buildings and approximately 2km of shoreline
Berth depth
High tide: 14 - 15m 
Low tide: 7- 8m
Launching pad 200m x 75m
Rubber diaphragm / slipway
Current order book
to date
22 steel barges – ranging from 300 T to 10,000 T
7 containership – ranging from 120 TEU to 500 TEU
11 dry bulk carriers – ranging from 1,000 T to 5,000 T
5 chemical tankers – ranging from 8,000 m3 to 20,000 m3
Staff count 47 including naval architects/project managers, senior mechanical/electrical engineers, welders, riverting workers, locksmith workers
Equipment count
Plasma cutters: 4
Gantry cranes: 3 (125 - 600T)
Welding/cutting/flanging/edge grinding machines: 46
Drying machines: 7
Welding rod attemperator: 4
Classification societies CCS, DNV-GL, NK, LR, BV, ABS



Our Growth Platform

  • Aug 87

    Aug 87 

    Business HQ in Shanghai and manufacturing base in Hunan province. Production facility for textile chemicals of over 2MMT per annum. ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 14000

  • Jan 99

    Jan 99 

    Long term off-take contracts form International chemical giants including Dow Chemical, Bayer, Nova Nordisk, Tata Chemicals, etc.

Breakthrough to Shipyard

  • Feb 04

    Feb 04 

    Took over Hunan Champion Shipyard. Obtain ISO9001:2008

Winner of Major Contracts

  • Oct 04 to Nov 13

    Oct 04 to Nov 13 

    Subsequent remaining to Hunan Champion Shipbuilding. Upgraded the production facilities and received accreditation from international bodies. Awarded several large contracts from State Owned Enterprises, as well as private clientele from China, Taiwan, Italy, Singapore, France, Indonesia, Middle East etc. 

New Chapter of growth

  • Jun 10

    Jun 10 

    In-house R&D develops alternative fuel for marine engines

  • Jun 11

    Jun 11 

    Owing to the desire to achieve fuel efficiency and cost savings for both our tugs and as well as chemical production plants, in-house R&D crew started to develop alternative fuel for use in daily operations Repeated experiments - goal to attain lower emissions and fuel costs

  • Jul 13

    Jul 13 

    Successfully retrofitted a diesel engine for methanol fuel. Conducted cost and benefit analysis to ensure robust performance

  • Jul 14

    Jul 14 

    Retrofitted a single-cylinder diesel engine for methanol fuel. Applied for international patent 

  • Nov 15

    Nov 15 

    Awarded R&D funding by Singapore Maritime & Port authority


Commercialized Methanol Engine

  • Jan 16

    Jan 16 

    60 kW methanol engine prototype available

  • Mar 16

    Mar 16 

    Commercialized methanol engine available. Commence shipboard trial Tian San Shipping (Largest Harbour Tug Operator in Singapore)

  • Nov 16

    Nov 16 

    400 kW prototype on benchtest