Bi-fuel Methanol Direct Injection System (BMDiTM)

Independent engine development services and components provider for unique methanol parts


BMDiTM  Plug-and-Play Methanol Direct Injection System entails minimal hardware customizations to OEM’s diesel engine and have the following characteristics:

  • Suitable for engines with bore sizes 110-140mm
  • Suitable for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, marine and commercial applications
  • DF injector with built-in lubricating functions to prolong lifespan of principal moving parts
  • Less than 5% of micro pilot diesel injection (based on total fuel consumption)
  • One-stop turnkey injection system including mechanical / hydraulic and the associated electronic components etc.

Dual Fuel Injector

High Nano Filter

Fuel Supply Pump

Common Rail

Proprietary Software/ECU

Technology Transfer/Licensing to OEM

BMDiTM plug-and-play injection enables OEMs to save on high tooling costs with minimal changes to existing ICEs in order tocomply with Euro VII and increasingly draconian regulations.Through Joint Development Agreements, we are able to co-develop with auto OEMs, engine OEMs from methanol proof-of-value prototypes to small batches for testing to final scale production.

From our R&D center in Singapore, BMDiTM has been developed for on-road (MDV, HDV) as well as off-road (CHP, agriculture, forestry, civil engineering, O&G/mining activites) purposes.

Development Support Team on Standby

Our team comprises of various development engineers for continuous improvement and adaptations according to customer needs

  • Design engineers to create drawings and package BMDiTM technology in customer engine(s)
  • Test engineers to support testing on-site
  • Technicians to see through full gestation of prototype development

Attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Unlike electrification, hydrogen, LNG, hybrids, (payback 5- 10 yrs or >10 yrs), costs of BMDiTM methanol unique parts will be incremental, incorporated into new engines, and will not incur additional capital expenditure costs. Therefore, payback periods in methanol ICE are comparatively reduced. According to user feedback, one can expect €0.2 – €0.4 /L savings based on prevailing diesel and methanol prices (at the pump on energy equivalent basis. Breakeven periods range from 2 years (road) to 3 years (maritime).

Enquire for empirical data.

Achieve better or similar modus operandi than original diesel engine

Engines using  BMDiTM  offers the same power, torque, engine braking and drivability as diesel, easily satisfy the harsh demands of heavy duty transport with no change in the driving experience. We promise fast response times and more low-end torque given methanol inherent high latent heat of vaporisation and low viscosity. Methanol is operationally similar to diesel handling given liquid state at ambient temperature.

Enquire for empirical data.

Bi-fuel Methanol Direct Injection System

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