We offer rental solutions to service all your – and your customers’ – off-grid power needs. Our fleet of gensets are able to burn methanol and all kinds of natural gases and offers flexibility, reliability, speed and cost-effectiveness. We are committed to providing SUPERIOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Renting from BM or our dealers will provide round-the-clock 24/7 support for your equipment-related needs both office hours and after hours. Before each unit is shipped from us to the client, our factory will complete a full FAT to certify its performance with client to witness the testing.  All our gensets are powered by BM engines thereby ensuring linearity of sales support, aftersales service and parts supply at NO HIDDEN COSTS.

Power generation units can be placed on trailers and are equipped with a weather or sound attenuated housing and a sub-base fuel tank. PORTABLE design means units may be redeployed as needed, thus mitigating the risk of a fixed installation by eliminating stranded infrastructure costs.

Last but not least, we are committed to REDUCING EMISSIONS for you and for the environment. Our units are EPA Tier IV compliant and can be tested to meet an equivalent certificate in your locale. Should your required rated power not be listed separately here, kindly send us an inquiry for the power you need.  We are able to cater for small-scale Co-gen power generation packages upto 1.5MW. Exhaust heat produced during generation of electricity may be harnessed for heating & chilling purposes.

Download information of available rental gas gensets below.

YX – 30GF

YX – 60GF

YX – 90GF

YX – 200GF

YX - 300GF

YX – 340GF

Download information of available rental methanol gensets below.

YX – 25GF

YX – 60GF

YX – 120GF

Download CKR product catalog below.

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