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BM (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Established in 1987 in Singapore, Billion Miles (“BM”) Singapore Pte Ltd  holds interests in chemical trading, shipbuilding and low-sulphur fuel engine development. Our R&D team comprises of pioneers in the development of methanol and natural gas engines for marine applications. Under SPRING Singapore (presently called Enterprise Singapore) Capability Development Grant, jointly with our associate, we successfully developed a M100 engine suitable for land and marine application. In October 2015, we were awarded the inaugural MPA MINT Co-funding scheme to enhance our engine development and enable ship-owners to meet the onus of strict emission rules with minimal investments. Our project was mentioned by Singapore’s Senior Minister at the Committee of Supply Debate 2016.

To-date, we have converted more than 20 vessels to run on a methanol-based fuel (“MFB”). In addition, we also work with renowned genset manufacturers to service off-grid power generation needs for O&G activities, events, data centers and construction. Given our home ground is in Singapore, we have a strong pan-Asian presence with a growing clientele in other parts of the world.   We pride ourselves in developing environmentally sustainable solutions for all industries globally, as per our corporate slogan Sustainable Power Driven by BM.

  • Core Business Scope

– Fuel Injection and Control Strategy for Methanol and Natural Gas

– High speed Methanol and Natural Gas engine

– Vessel and/or fleet conversion to run MFB with fuel switch option to natural gas

– Off-grid power generation needs for O&G activities, events, data centers and construction

Industry: Machinery

Company size: 11-50 Employees

Headquarters: Singapore, Singapore

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 1987

Our story

Our Group was established in Singapore in 1969 by the elderly Mr. Chen and includes BM (Singapore) Ptd. Ltd., BMDi (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., Panda International Co. Pte. Ltd. (“Panda”), CK Renewables Pte. Ltd (“CKR”) and Shanxi Eco-Methanol Engine Solutions Co. Ltd. (“SEM”). The intention was for the Group to operate as agents for Multinational Corporates in Asia-Pacific in the distribution of chemicals/dyestuffs. The company did very well for itself and soon built a solid brand name. On the back of such a successful track record, the Group expanded into China under the Billion Miles branding in 1987. This move was timely as it coincided with the liberalization of the Chinese economy. Our shareholders are among the pioneers in setting up a Foreign Invested Enterprise (“FIE”) in China and comprise natural persons of Canada, China and Singapore.

Today, Billion Miles has expanded from the chemicals/dyestuffs space into a full-fledged methanol engine manufacturing and conversion base with focused applications for marine, residential, commercial and industrial sectors in propulsion, standby/emergency power, continuous or prime power generation. We operate on both B2C and B2B basis and also serve as independent development services and components provider in plug-and-play methanol injection (BMDiTM) for engine/truck OEMs. Given our home ground is in Singapore, we have a strong pan-Asian presence with a growing clientele in others parts of the world looking to meet increasingly stringent clean emissions regulations. To-date, we have co-worked with engine OEMs, shipyards, bunker suppliers and local port authorities to convert over 20 vessels to run on MFB.

Our engine production site is equipped with a world-class test bench that includes AVL exhaust analyzer, Toceil air flow meter, Coriolis flowmeter and others. We are able to independently complete FATs, reliability tests and critical parts developmental tests for approval and other verification purposes as required by our client. Our generating sets range from 5 – 425kVA, all driven by our proprietary BM methanol and natural gas engines of bore sizes 98, 110 and 145mm with rated power of ~32KW – ~400KW. All of our engines and generating sets are designed in facilities certified to ISO 9001 and manufactured in facilities certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 9002.



Aug 87

Business HQ in Shanghai and manufacturing base in Hunan province. Production facility for textile chemicals of over 2MMT per annum. ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 14000

Jan 99

Long term off-take contracts form International chemical giants including Dow Chemical, Bayer, Nova Nordisk, Tata Chemicals, etc.


Feb 14

Took over Hunan Champion Shipyard. Obtain ISO9001:2008


Oct 04 to Nov 13

Subsequent renaming to Hunan Champion Shipbuilding. Upgraded the production facilities and received accreditation from international bodies. Awarded several large contracts from State Owned Enterprises, as well as private clientele from China, Taiwan, Italy, Singapore, France, Indonesia, Middle East etc.


Jun 10

In-house R&D develops alternative fuel for marine engines

Jun 11

Owing to the desire to achieve fuel efficiency and cost savings for both our tugs and as well as chemical production plants, in-house R&D crew started to develop alternative fuel for use in daily operations. Repeated experiments – goal to attain lower emissions and fuel costs

Jun 14

Retrofitted a single-cylinder diesel engine for methanol fuel. Applied for international patent

Jun 15

Awarded R&D funding by Singapore Maritime & Port authority


Jan 16

60 kW methanol engine prototype available

Mar 16

Commercialized methanol engine available. Commence shipboard trial Tian San Shipping (Largest Harbour Tug Operator in Singapore)

Nov 16

400 kW prototype on Benchtest

Aug 18

World’s first Class-Approved Methanol Engine to run on 100% methanol

Jul 21

MOU with major stakeholders including engine OEM, port operator, Classification society to launch first-of-a-kind methanol engine shipboard trial in Singapore harbour in 1H22

Foray into Power Generation

Mar 17

Delivered gas gensets YX-60GF and YX-90GF for Australian client as backup power for data service centres

Nov 17

Delivered gas gensets YX-340GF for Danish client in industrial factory zone

Jan 18

Delivered methanol genset YX-15GF for Singapore client as mobile power units for methanol fuel cells (“MFC”)

Aug 18

Delivered gas genset YX-340GF for Indonesian client to service auxiliary power demand in gas fields

Jan 19

Completed Maritime and Port Authority MINT co-funded genset shipboard trial on Singapore harbour craft

Mar 19

On the back of a successful closure of MINT co-fund grant phase 1, the project was renewed for phase 2 for main engine shipboard trial on Singapore Ro-Ro vessel


Jun 20

Prospected by one of world’s largest engine OEMs to develop a direct in-cylinder methanol fuel injection system (POC) for their most popular commercial vehicle engine

Dec 20

Sister company – BMDi Pte Ltd is born – Independent engine development services and components provider to support auto/engine OEMs R&D efforts for unique methanol parts. Patent submission for Bi-fuel Methanol Direct injection (BMDi) system

Jul 21

Jointly with engine OEM partner, successfully completed development of a POC by integrating BMDi system onto a 6-cylinder 13L truck engine

Aug 21

Bench-tests results validated to rigorous OEM standards, demo of truck fleet converted to run on BMDi system undergoing